Ancient Egyptians

Hunefer's Tomb is a busy and exciting activity day that brings together many of the separate workshops and activities we offer.

Hunefer was an actual person; a nobleman at the court of Seti I (1291-78BCE). He is principally famous for his 'Book of the Dead' which is in the British Museum, but his tomb has never been found - until now!.

Scenes from the life (and death) of Hunefer

Using an old map, children have to locate the tomb in the rocky ravines around the famous Valley of the Kings. But having found it, this is just the start of a day of mysteries and adventure. Howard Carter meets Indiana Jones in one of our most exciting activity days!

Part of the tomb and artwork from the activity day

We provide a range of workshops and activities including

-      Ancient Egyptian mythology. The Gods and the journey into the afterlife

-      The Mummification process. All the rituals and gory procedures… and lots of wrapping up with toilet rolls

-      Ancient Egyptian art. Learn the mysterious rules and proportions to drawing and painting like an Ancient Egyptian artist

-      Hieroglyphics.