Bob Moulder

My name is Bob Moulder and, yes, that’s me gate-crashing the most famous tea party in literature. I suppose as someone who earns a living producing pictures for books, I’m bound to concur from Alice’s remark, which is actually from the opening of Alice in Wonderland. 

My work is essentially about telling a story with pictures.

I’m a freelance illustrator and have worked on nearly 300 publications. Many of these have been for children’s and educational publishers and I’m sure some would have featured in your school classrooms and library over the years.

I specialise in history and other cultures, so when children ask me what the best thing about being an illustrator is my stock answer is that I get to travel anywhere in time and space – without leaving my studio.

I started out drawing comic strips and it has remained a great love. Like Andy, I consider myself first and foremost as a story-teller - albeit a visual one.  Aside from our work together in schools, we have collaborated on comic strips, not least the graphic novel Stainless

Aside from illustration, I'm often out and about working as an 'instant caricaturist at corporate events or private ones like weddings. I also work as an adult education tutor, teaching mainly art history subjects. I’ve worked in schools on numerous topics, developing children’s art and design skills. I’m a particularly keen advocate of drawing, which I feel can be a great learning tool and remains crucial to all areas of art and design.