How much does it cost?

Our basic rate is £595 plus travel per day for the two of us. This compares favourably with dance/theatre groups and we offer an interactive, participatory and unforgettable whole day experience. However, we are aware that school budgets are under pressure and so in certain circumstances we may be able to offer a discount. See below for some advice :

9 Things to make an Artist Visit more Affordable

1) If you only need half a day, share a whole day with another year group or local school.

Why: Artists tend to charge a much higher hourly rate for a half-day than a full day. Travel time and prep time are often the same as for a full day and they generally can’t sell the spare half day.

2) If you are going to use an artist several times during a year book these dates at the same time.

Why: Often artists will offer discounts for multiple bookings.

3) Don’t book an artist through a big agency, ask an artist you know and trust to recommend other artists. Why: An agency typically adds 30-50% on top of artist fees, so an artist who charges £350 a day will cost you £455- £525.

4) Use the buying power of your cluster to bring an artist in for a residency in your area.

Why: Artists like the security of regular work and offer their biggest discounts for residencies.

5) Don’t just ask parents for a contribution inspire them to desperately want their child to experience being taught by a top artist.

Why: Most parents can find that extra bit of money for something truly amazing for their child.

6) Steer clear of days like World Book Day and the Big Draw, do your event a week or two later.

Why: Artists can sell these days and weeks several times over and so charge their highest fees.

7) Try to book at an artist’s quieter time, they’re cheaper. These can vary depending on the art form, but generally the beginning and end of term are less busy.

Why: It’s supply and demand.

8) Look after the artist when they are with you, show them the staff room, make them a hot drink, introduce them to who they will be working with.

Why: Artists who feel loved and cared for, want to come back and are more likely to discount next time. I know an artist who because a school gave them a free school dinner knocked £30 of travel expenses off their invoice!

9) If you’d like to have an artist visit but are worried about the cost, talk to the artist anyway.

Why: Artists are creative and there may be a way of making a visit work financially for everyone e.g. if you’re prepared to heavily promote a writer’s book so it sells well on the day, they may lower their fee accordingly.

Remember that artists are self employed and whilst it may appear they are charging a lot, they don’t earn that amount everyday and it needs to cover their preparation, resources, training, insurance, accountancy fees and pension.