We can offer a range of Roman activities, from the drama of 69AD - the year of the four emperors - to an average day in a Roman forum.

Derventio. Two views of Roman Derby, showing the military garrison c.100AD and the bustling town of 200AD

A Day in the Forum

From templates we will build a scale model of a typical Roman forum in a British town, complete with shopping arcades, a temple, the basillica (a cross between a town hall and a court house), a temple and the bath house, as well as market stalls. We will create soundscapes and the children can role-play different types of people - the Romans themselves (soldiers and administrators), the more affluent Britons, the poorer British market traders and - bottom of the pile - slaves. 

The Year of the Emperors

The Year is AD 69, the Emperor Nero’s grip on power is loosening and two envious Generals are eyeing the throne. Two pupils are chosen to become generals, whilst the remaining pupils become legionnaires loyal to one or other of the would be Emperors. The pupils become involved in the intrigues of traitorous senators, a visit to the Sibylline prophetess and hear a selection of various Roman tales. They have to make their own shields and survive an attack from barbarian hoards before racing to Rome to claim the throne by defeating their opponent in a final climactic tactical battle.

Latin Loquiemur (we speak Latin)

Using Bobs Little Book of Latin, we can introduce children to a  bit of latin, with a humorous take on life in a Roman school.