The Great Fire of London and the Plague

Through instant model-making, role play and and a variety of games and activities, we take children through two of the most fateful years in London's history.

Our day focuses on Bread Street, a typical, busy London street, full of timber-framed buildings and a Medieval church. From templates we'll build a quick model of the street together, then explore the sounds, smells and day-to-day activity you would find.

Above. Model of Bread Street. The houses are on A4 templates that can be photocopied, cut out and clued. Children can draw the front and, possibly, side elevations. The models are then stuck down on a pre-prepared board.

After activities and games trying to put out the fire, we'll build a new instant model of Bread Street, this time in brick terraces.

So was London a better place to live?  We get children to think about what makes for a safe, healthy and pleasant place to live today as well as in the 17th century.