The Mayans

In this workshop, Andy tells the epic Mayan story of “The Hero Twins- Xbalanque and Hunahpu” and their journey into the underworld to face the terrible Lords of Death. 

This incredible story rivals many ancient Greek myths for excitement, fun, pathos and adventure and tells us much about the beliefs of the Mayans and their love of the great ball game. 

This hour-long story is split into 5 x 10-12 minute sections interspersed with very hands on activities, relating to the story and Mayan culture, in which the pupils participate. 

Pupils enter the rainforest and a tree chopping competition as they clear the ground to make way for planting crops. They discover just how challenging the Mayan ball game was and why it could often go on for days. Fortunately, the losing captains won’t be sacrificed! Pupils will learn the art of hunting using a blowpipe, but instead of poisoned darts they will be firing soft, safe marshmallows. Finally, they will make a Mayan Temple inside which they will draw one of the life-threatening tests the twins faced in the deadly “houses” of Xibalba!  

“Thank you so much for today! As always it was a pleasure to have you in school and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. They retained so much of the story this afternoon too and enjoyed sharing their storyboards about one of the houses. You'd clearly put a lot of time and effort into preparing the session for us-thank you! We'll have to get a date in the diary to have you back again next year!” Louise Glisson - Silkstone Primary Barnsley - Year 4 Mayan Workshop 

Andy needs use of a hall or similar  for 25 minutes to play the Mayan ball game, but the rest of the session takes place in a classroom. The workshop takes 2 - 2.5 hours and is suitable for a single class, two classes can be seen in a single day. 

Costings: The cost for a whole day (2 classes) booked through Workshops for Schools Agency is £487 plus travel @ 45 p a mile or booked direct is £325 plus travel @ 45 p a mile.