We can offer a range of workshops on the Victorian period, focusing on famous individuals as well as on  aspects of daily life and social issues.

The Case of the Missing Detective

Based around the fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, this is a novel way of exploring the late Victorian period. As a day based around teamwork, problem solving and imagination it can serve as a start or end of term activity.

Children become the 'Baker Street Irregulars' of the Conan Doyle stories and must solve a nimber of mysteries and crimes in the great detective's absence

Sifting through the clues: Children will handle a mixture of original Victorian objects and replica documents, some seemingly mundane and some - well - very unusual!

Victorian Crime and Punishment

Pupils travel back in time to the year 1877. They take on the role of real life children accused of having committed various petty crimes. They appear before the magistrate and receive various punishments including reformatory school and the birch. They then have an opportunity to discover how effective and brutal a birching could be, by using a birch rod on a melon with devastating results.

They then get drawn into a life of Victorian crime and grime, but come up smelling of roses when they save an innocent man from the gallows.

A fast moving workshop involving games, storytelling, role play and real life characters from the Victorian period!