Pupils meet Snorri, a Viking Skald (storyteller) and embark upon a quest to save the world from Ragnarok.

Someone has stolen Odin’s Eye from Mimir’s Well, the pupil’s must attempt to get it back. Their quest involves visiting the dwarves in Svartelheim and challenging them to an axe throwing competition (wellies). The quest continues to Alfheim where the Elves share a runic prophesy that the pupils must translate (key provided). This leads to visits to freezing cold Niflheim , land of the dread Hel and a drinking competition using Viking drinking horns(and non alcoholic shandy) and a fight(polyhedral dice set rather than fists!) with a giant in Jotunheim. Will the pupils retrieve Odin’s Eye or will their failure hasten Ragnarok and the end of the world.

On their journey Snorri tells some of the great Norse legends including “The Binding of Fenrir” (complete with chains and guillotine) and “Thor and Loki in Utgard”.