World War One

Tommy's War

Our most successful activity day to date, Tommy's War  takes children on a journey, from the euphoria of enlistment in the autumn of 1914 to the point of going 'over the top' on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, 1 July 1916.

After undergoing a lively basic training, childen are taken 'up the line' to our front line trench system. Built out of cardboard boxes and sheets of polysterene, adorned with sand bags and faux barbed wire, with the lights down and sound effects, it clearly has a profound impact on pupils. Their response  is overwhelmingly enthusiastic  and staff have frequently fed back to us about the quality of writing they got following our visit. 

To ensure a local history element we base Tommy's War around a volunteer or territorial battalion local to you. We have also had a number of fascinating family histories shared by children.